Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bird Murderer

A fledgling blackbird fell out of its nest recently and survived for a few days on the ground. I rescued it one morning from the hounds and popped it over the neighbour's fence (he was on holidays in Hong Kong).

Knickers, The Noodle and I were over at the other neighbours later the same day, swapping Xmas chocolates and shortbreads, talking about gardening, fishing and other such gentle neighbourly pursuits. N2 happened to mention the blackbird and that its nest was in fact in their yard and they'd been watching the parents feed it on the ground for the last few days.

I said I'd put it over the other fence that morning but would pop back and return it to N2's yard if he had no objection, which he didn't.

I returned to N1's yard to discover he'd just returned from HK.

'Bird? Oh yeh. Its dead. I buried it.'

**I'll interject a little note on N1 here. He's a recently divorced father of two boys, who are currently summering with their mother in the Bahamas. (We summer @ Coobowie or Port Elliot)**

He spent the next 20 minutes telling me about his trip. Mostly involving debauchery with a gaggle of prostitutes and a micro digital video camera he'd bought for his race car. Then his latest girlfriend arrived and I had to go as they were flying out somewhere. Divorce really suits some people.

I broke the bloke's code and told Knickers. She says I'm not allowed to play with N1 anymore.

She's also convinced he murdered the bird.


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