Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Going Native

Knickers and I have had an ongoing gardening...discussion...on the relative merits of seedlings (cheaper, take to the soil better so will actually grow faster, more satisfaction of a job well done, long term vision) versus more established plants (expensive, will probably die, whats with people and their need for instant gratification anyway?).

Last time we went to a nursery together this came to a head and we had a fight and ended up not purchasing anything. Later Knickers suggested I do whatever I bloody want as that was obviously what I bloody intended anyway. I agreed that I just bloody would then. Who says you can't negotiate when you're angry?

Anyway today, while she was toiling away at work, I took her up on her offer. 'I'm off to buy some seedlings,' I announced, 'and I don't suppose anyone has any objections?' Turns out both the hounds and the Noodle were copacetic so the Noodle and I went up to the wonderful Belair Nursery and bought a kangaroo paw, grevillea and a poa somethingorother (native grass).

The Noodle helped me plant them this afternoon. I don't hold out great hopes for the grevillea. He tipped half a tub of fertiliser in the hole with it before I could stop him. Dug out as much as I could but it still looked like a lethal dose. ('Balls' said the grevillea,'I can take double what you can and run a mile.')



At April 12, 2008 at 1:49 AM , Blogger franzy said...

It sounds like you went seedling shopping by mistake ...


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