Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You're Too Old, Retire.

Took an absolute hammering at training on Monday. Two hours of being swept off my feet, rolled, mounted, (arm) barred up and being made to submit. All with a bunch of big, hairy, sweaty blokes; and did I mention the punching?

Driving home I could barely move my right arm to hold the steering wheel and couldn't turn my head to look in the mirror. Felt I hardly slept that night from the pain in my neck. Knickers assures me, from the snoring, that I did.

Two days on and I'm not much better and only put a very half-hearted effort in at training today. I'm a great believer in not judging age by the calendar year (more so the older I get), more of a line between maturity and experience gained versus physical decline. Today was a pretty high score on the physical decline.

Funny these habits of age that have crept up on me. Having a favoured knee to bend down on, warming up my shoulder and elbow before throwing the tennis ball for the hounds, hesitating before jumping off anything more than two foot high, celebrating if I only have to get up to go to the toilet once in a night (Though the five coffees a day may be a factor there) . These slow losses to inexorable time...

Think I'll have a nice cup of Bonox and a good lie down, or maybe call some talkback radio.


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