Tuesday, February 12, 2008

19 1/2 Weeks

Note: this is not largely concerned with sex.

We had the 20 week scan for the Wee Unborn One today. Learned our lesson from the previous scan and left the Noodle dropping the F bomb at his Nana's.

All is well with WUO, who may or may not look like the above image. Judging from the scan WUO would not have looked out of place as an extra on Mars Attacks, with leering eye sockets and animated chewing action of the tiny mandibles. But the Noodle looked just as horrifying and he turned out alright.

Shame they can't test for pure evil.

Mostly I'm stoked with the impending arrival, but sometimes the burden of all the future worry, stress, fatigue (Oh God the fatigue) and cost overwhelms me like cloud rolling down from the hills. It's like a dreary day that has to be ridden out, which I do with the thought that holding WUO in my arms for the first time will be like holding a precious lamp to burn away all gloom.

So I was feeling pretty good yesterday until Knickers said, 'What if it's got a birth-mark all over its face?'



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