Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Electronic Death of Len McCreddy

Len died mowing the back lawn
Gwen found him in the shade of the cotoneaster
With the dog licking his face
And the Victa still humming near the roses.

The funeral was held the next Thursday
The kids and grandkids flew in from the east coast
Then there were the blokes from Clipsal
And Alf and Peter from the RAAF.

They all pitched in over the following weeks
While Gwen signed the appropriate forms
Sitting hunched at the kitchen table
Posting them on her way to the butcher.

The forms caused a brief virtual flurry
Like a car mototing along a dirt road in summer
'Len McCreedy 15/08/1921' rose, swirled through the ether
And settled down quietly again.

His name was removed from the credit card
The veteran's pension now went to Gwen
And the rego for the old Falcon
Signed over to the youngest son.

Gwen lacked the strength to pull the wheel
And the son had lost everything

When his wife threw him out
After she found out about the other woman.

And the lady from the insurance company
Entered 'deceased' into the status field
Took her jacket off the back of the chair
And went to join the gang for coffee.



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