Saturday, January 19, 2008

An Ordinary Love

I am unshaven with the sweat from training

Still wet on my skin

I park on the west end of Hindley Street.

Conscious of the scolding

My wife would supply for not parking closer

But I like to walk

She would also chide me for

Not erecting the sun shield

I can never be bothered

I leave a message on her phone

Saying I’m getting my watch fixed

Which I intend to do

But I really want to buy a book of poetry

I try to reckon in my head

If this is a white lie

And what her response will be

My phone jangles

Her voice is lazy

‘Come home. Let’s do something.’

I hesitate in the bright sunshine

Dad bought me the watch

It has needed fixing for a while

But Imprints is closer


I buy two collections on the fly

(And later will regret only one)

March back to the car

Fast as my thongs will allow


What is this ordinary love?

Sharing my head with another

Looking through her eyes

Conscious of her every whim

And fancy?



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