Friday, January 18, 2008

Just Another Bloody Arts Graduate Working in a Call Centre

Made my second call just after eight this morning to tell a 'valued' borrower she was $0.78 over her limit (on a $250k loan) and we were going to charge her a fee unless she brought the loan up to date.

Spent half an hour explaining to another borrower we were charging him default interest on his zero balance loan because his limit had reduced to a positive amount. So he wasn't being charged on the balance but the difference between his balance and the limit. That was for $0.20 precisely.

Another borrower was leaving overseas and demanding to know why his documents, of which there were no record, hadn't been faxed to a branch he couldn't remember the name of, by a staff member who was on holidays.

The rest of the working day was marked only by dreariness.

A week ago I was philosophical about my job...roof over our head, a penny saved, pain don't hurt...
Today I was one sobbing divorcee, sullen teenager or rambling geriatric from going postal.

Tonight Knickers felt the wee unborn one (gut says: still a girl) move for the first time.
And all is well with the world.



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