Thursday, January 10, 2008


Knickers was sleeping after night-shift so I had The Noodle to myself this morning.
I was trying to prepare dinner and involve him (this is an onion, this is a knife, this is Daddy crying like an Australian Idol wannabee) He was involved alright and kept trying to slam the fridge door on my head.
Dad said 'stop' several times. Then he said a rude word and yelled a bit. Then he felt sad.
To make it up to him and try and avoid future altercations I invented a game in which we both marched around the room until I yelled 'Stop!' at which time I struck ridiculous poses and made funny faces. He laughed like a loon and joined in - and it actually seemed to work.

When I got home from work this evening I found Knickers and the in-laws hard at work in the back yard with mattock and crowbar. A broken solenoid masquerading as a leaky irrigation pipe means a few more holes in the backyard. This means my hole, which had already been pushed back to #2 in the queue by the great bamboo varnishing project, will be further delayed.



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