Saturday, January 5, 2008


Knickers has been rostered on to do a sojourn as a clinical nurse and has to undertake a project as part of the role. She is investigating recycling much of the hospital waste and finding it a very frustrating task.
She talked to the nurses on another ward who have been trialling recycling their plastic waste for the last six months.
Knickers told me they started by buying a heap of blue plastic bins to put it all in and it was going really well with other staff coming from other wards to deposit plastics in their bins and everybody feeling better abut doing their bit.
Knickers spoke to a head of the department* behind the trial who admitted all the recycling bins were still being emptied into the general waste.
The trial, apparently, was just to see if people would use the blue bins.
Knickers didn't have the heart to tell them.

*I hate when there is an asterix in the body of a text yet you can't the corresponding note at the bottom of the page. Total day killer that one.



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