Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

I think Neal Stephenson wrote something along the lines of 'Most of us believe that if we were pushed hard enough we could become an incredible martial artist.' (or was it Noam Chomsky?)

Being that I'm now thirty five and yet to be apprenticed to an oddball, taciturn karate master, have my wife and child murdered by a drug lord or my brother crippled in a blood sport - things are pretty shaky on the black-belt front.

Baby steps, ties that bind, can't rain all the time etc...

So I'm making a list of things to let go in 2008, free myself from the pressure of being called to open the batting for Australia on the same day David McAllister offers me the male lead in Mason.

Things I Won't Achieve in 2008

  • Learn a musical instrument
  • Become the leader of a gang
  • Discover a latent super power
  • Have my revenge
  • Master a computer programing language thingy
  • Communicate telepathically with sharks
  • Burst onto the art scene

But because I can't help myself

Things I Will Achieve in 2008

  • Dig the rest of my hole
  • Get my first blue stripe in BJJ
  • Begin my post grad diploma in education
  • Become a father for the second time
  • Reduce my waist below 85cm (currently 91)


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