Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Plastic

Just a small selection of the Noodle's drinking paraphernalia. Quite a lot for someone whose palate stretches from milk to water.

Finding the right one has been an ongoing and exhausting task. Well I've grown quite tired just listening to Knickers' tales of high adventure related after each venture into the world of toddler cup sales. So God knows how she feels.

But he can go into hysterics should you pour his drink into the wrong type of vessel, or the right type but the wrong colour. It's like playing mastermind...with a small, angry, O.C.D'd, rhino. And he won't have it thank you very much, once the milk been sullied with the red cup on what is quite clearly an orange day.

Surely the wee unborn one can find one to suit from this lot?



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