Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Road to No Chillies

Knickers and I were preparing dinner last night and I went to the backyard to pick some chillies, accompanied by the Noodle.
Again trying to involve him and make him feel helpful I passed him half a dozen and told him to take them to Mum.
Yes part of me was thinking it would be funny if he attempted to eat one.
I wasn't sure how he'd go, but he understood perfectly. Mum needed chillies. So he clutched them in his tiny fists and tottered back up the garden path to the kitchen, 'Mummy, Mummy. Mummy. Ta, ta, ta.' Knickers took them from him and tried to reward him with a big hug. But there was no time for hugs. Mum needed chillies. So away
he squirmed, down the garden, back to the chilli bush and returned, 'Mummy, ta, ta, ta,' brandishing whole branches of chillies.

Lucky they keep.



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