Monday, January 28, 2008

Public Holiday

Lingered at a mate's house this afternoon. Nick's wife, Kelli, is away at a wedding and Knickers was working so it was like a single Dad's convention. We filled up a plastic tub for the kids to play in and sat in the sun drinking sweet cups of tea and eating doughy, sugary delights from the bakery. Then the Noodle disgraced himself by pissing in the pool.
Anyway the day passed nicely but all the supermarkets were shut by the time I went to purchase groceries. Had to content myself with milk from the servo.
Being father of the year I left the Noodle in the car (in the shade, in plain sight) while I grabbed it and made my way to the counter. Getting there I was confronted by the Canadian girl that works there (or possibly Russian) who was hiding her face behind an 'out of service' placard.
'I am a robot,' she chanted. We stared each other out for a second then she burst out laughing. 'I just go a bit crazy sometimes,' she admitted, 'I've just had like twenty people in here.'
Say something absurd back, I urged myself, reward this person for being different.
'So were they some servo tour group. Coached around Adelaide's historic servos?'
'No. They were all separate.'


'Just the milk then?'
'Yes, just the milk please.'



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