Monday, January 21, 2008

Reading = Murderer

Knickers and I went to Centrelink today to see what assistance they could provide when she goes on maternity leave for the wee unborn one (Today's Gut Feeling: boy) and I have started full-time study.
We dropped the Noodle off for some quality time with his Nana on our way to Marion. Turned out neither of us knew where it was exactly, but Knickers had a vague feeling in her waters that it was upstairs somewhere. We wandered around unsuccessfully for a while before phoning Knicker's mum (Nana) for the address. Then we went to Angus & Robertson to look up a street directory.
Books, pretty books everywhere, I'll just have a little look at this one...time passed...Knicker's very cross little face intruded between me and the book, announcing she was leaving.
It's all about symbolism with her; my being distracted symbolized disinterest in the task, which in turn symbolized a lack of commitment to my family, meaning you don't love me or your children!
Several hasty but heartfelt apologies later we were back on task. To re-affirm my commitment I surreptitiously tore the wrapping off a directory in Target (they had sold out at A&R, apparently) and located Centrelink. It's in the corner behind Bunnings if you ever need to save your marriage.
Certainly, in retrospect, the fault was all with my wife. Don't take me into a bookshop, don't talk to me when the tv is already talking. Simple rules for life.
Depression, frustration and futility rolled wavelike over us as we joined the queue. Actually, for my sins, I joined the queue. Knickers went and got us drinks from the deli. The colours are bright and cheerful, the office open plan but nothing can hide the grinding tediousness of the place, for staff and clients alike. I tried to amuse myself by seeing how many appearances I could count for each model in the brochures. Found multiples of all except Asian girl/Red top.
Civilizations rose and fell, The Democrats regained the balance of power, Carlton won the flag, I got served.
And that made it all worthwhile. With Austudy and Parenting Payments it looks like, once Knicker's leave is all used up, I can finish up at the call centre. Words can not describe...


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