Thursday, January 31, 2008

Driva Man...And Quitting Time

Handed my resignation in today. Frankly an anticlimax. My Glorious Leader has been promoted and is moving on to bigger and better things, and couldn't care less. Still, wheels of industry, tomorrows another day, only a fool looks for reason in the four chambers of the human heart...

And in other exciting news Knickers found my mallet and adjustable wrench in a box of camping gear. She deserves dubious credit for this. Last time we went camping she picked me up from work on the way and so had to pack the car herself. I had placed the tools in the 'for packing' pile but for esoteric reasons she decided it was best to hide them safely in the shed instead. I'd been half-heartedly searching for them for several months now.

Heading for Port Elliot Caravan Park for a week of seaside camping tomorrow. Ten adults, ten kids, no dogs.

Can't wait.


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