Thursday, February 14, 2008

Faking Sincerity

I tour the country
From the comfort
Of a call centre
Occasionally speaking to people in:
Prahran, Vaucluse, Redcliffe
But more likely
Frankston, Elizabeth, Macquarie Fields
Raking in a bumper crop
Of bounced cheque and late payment fees
'Can you pay that today?'
I speak to people going through
Or divorce
People in over their heads
Or hospital
'Fuck off. Fucking bank.'
Is a frequent refrain.
Hearing people cry is worse.
Some claim
To have just emerged from comas
Others are always about to;
Clinch that deal
Receive that inheritance
Win that court case.
A lady from Coomera
Told me her son was in hospital
Badly injured in a motorbike prang
And wouldn't walk again
I battled an urge
To tell her I was in a wheelchair.
Once you can fake sincerity
You've got it made.



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