Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't Want It

The Noodle's favourite expression of late and one he finds is especially applicable in the morning. He applies it to taking off his pyjamas, changing his nappy, putting Oof back to bed, putting on shoes, putting on a jumper, sitting in his chair, eating Weet Bix and a host of other things his parents would really like him to just shut up about and accept.

Really have to see his point though. If I was in a clothing store and an eager shop assistant came rushing up brandishing two pair of pants and demanding I choose one (ah, the illusion of choice - just like democracy really) and I declined both of them; how would I feel if he didn't take no for an answer but instead, knocked me down, sat on me, tore my perfectly comfortable pants off and replaced them with another pair.

I would probably struggle and shriek, 'Don't want it,' repeatedly also.

Still, both Knickers and I are getting pretty jack of it. Is this the terrible twos?



At June 26, 2008 at 10:03 AM , Blogger Kath Lockett said...

Yes, my friend, it is. The Noodle gets sick of hearing "NO", so "Don't want it" is a rather good comeback.

I always thought of our tendency to sniff the air, ask the other, "Hmm, does Sapphire need her nappy changed" and then literally just hoik the back of her trousers open to get a view and a whiff must have been a tad annoying for her. Thankfully the average person's capacity for memory only extends from the age of three!


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