Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's a Shame About Mr Ray

The Noodle is starting to develop an appreciation for television. Phew, we were getting worried there.

By TV I mean Finding Nemo. He will accept no substitute. Actually that's a lie, he was jumping to Kriss Kross' Jump on Rage yesterday morning. Pretty fly for a white guy. Jump is another lie, he simply bends and straightens his knees, failing to generate the requisite force for any serious hang time, or indeed any airtime; still baby steps, tomorrows another day... for steel springs to hurl him down the track faster than a leopard...

So, Nemo. Bunkered down in the lounge room (the coolest) during the heat wave I've gotten to watch the beginning of Finding Nemo more times than I'd care to have my legs waxed. During the latest I noticed that Mr Ray, the school teacher, does not display any particular affinity to the tenants of constructivism. Nor does he model his teaching practice on the pervasive pedagogical models; choosing to instead adhere to an outdated and outmoded rote learning system.

What is this Mr Ray, the 1950's? Why don't you just line your students up against the wall and throw medicine balls at their heads?



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