Friday, March 14, 2008

Bang Bang

Vacuumed the car today, and the lounge. Then mowed the lawn, trimmed the edges and hung the washing out. Replaced two washers for the outside taps. Took the hounds for their walk, worked out and attempted to repair the dog door.

Amazing how much you can achieve in a day, simply by putting it aside to study.

Bit the bullet this afternoon and opened Educational Psychology: Your Descent Into Madness at the same time as the Noodle opened up his artistic side and began pounding on his Magnadoodle with one of the magnet shapes.

'...provides stimulus for the study of learning meta strategies, the teaching of cognitive strategies in the context of performance on academic...'


'...teaching BANG of BANG cognitive BANG strategies BANG in BANG the BANG context BANG...'

'Noodle, dad is trying to concentrate, just bang softly.'




'Knickers!' I appealed for parental intervention.

'Leave him alone, he's playing quietly.'


They'll both be sorry when we're out on the street.

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