Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pull My Finger

I was playing a vigorous game of pull my finger with the Noodle this afternoon. We were waiting in the car while Knickers ducked in to do some shopping. Pull my finger does not have across the board sanctioning by the Noodle Raising Parental Committee and is usually undertaken in Knicker's absence.
I was belching loudly and the Noodle was cacking himself (I'm so funny). What I didn't know was that he had been playing with his Mum's mobile and had called his Uncle Barry, who was fairly bemused. Why was some lunatic calling on Knicker's phone to burp in his ear to the accompanying chuckle of a demented midget?

After adequate explanation and a brief catch up with Baz I decided we should use our time more productively and do some work on learning colours.
'What colour is the sky Noodle?'
'Nearly. Blue.'
'Clever boy. Now what colour is the grass?'
'Grass is green.'
'That's right, clever boy. What colour are the clouds?'
'Close, but actually...never mind...Hey, pull my finger!'

*Please forgive use of cutesy voice.



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