Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do As I say

My tutor for Educational Psychology fits some of my pre-conceptions of psychologists. Mad as a meat axe, but in a very dull, constrained, black tennis dress wearing sort of way.
She talks with her eyes fixed on the back of the room, in a monotone that sounds as if all her questions are rhetorical. The rhythm of her speech does not quite align with her sentences, creating a bizarre out of synch effect that has me waiting for the punch line when she has, in fact, made her point, whatever it may have been.
Today she wouldn't accept an assignment from a girl who had submitted it online, but was unable to provide a printed copy because the uni computers were down.
The tutor stressed, to the unfortunate girl, the need to be organised and prepared.
Then she made us wait for ten minutes to start the tute because she couldn't get the overhead projector to work.


My Ethics tute is about to start. Two hours of people making unconnected statements like:

'The government is evil and unnecessary'
(Worked that out already have you boyo? Who employs teachers again?)

'I was, like, unemployed for, like, five years and people judged me. So unfair.'
(Now you get to be a teacher. People love teachers.)

'Nothing personal. But you are a perpetrator of class warfare and I'd never let you teach my kids.'
(This bloke screams Falling Downesque anger management issues)

'Who's to say a farmer is more valuable to society than a hairdresser?'
(Certainly not pretty people)

Two days until Easter.


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