Sunday, March 30, 2008

Radio: Now and Back in the Day

On my now quasi-free weekends I am trying to re-visit some old preferred weekend activities. One of these was listening to Lone Tony Joe's Hillbilly Help Desk of a Saturday morning on Three D community radio.
When we first bought our house, and I fell seriously in love with my shed, I spent many Saturday mornings tinkering away to the bizarre yodeling/caterwauling emanating from the tinny old shed boom-box.
I was saddened when, on tuning in yesterday, it seemed to have been given the flick sometime over the last two years.
I checked the Three D website and found he is still on, but alternating weekends. So some joy there.
And The Prison Show on Sunday afternoon/evening is still going strong. I reckon it's the voyeuristic quality (is it possible to be a voyeur if you're only listening?) that draws me to it. God knows it's not the rank awful R&B that the boys in the big house request for their ladies on the 'outside'. There is something oddly endearing about the messages that go back and forth between the down and out loved ones and families. Probably best if I don't know what they've actually done.

Many years ago, when it was still called Triple M, my mullet and I would lie awake Wednesday nights, in the dark, both taping and listening to Mal's Metal Show for the latest news and releases in Aussie metal. Iron Maiden posters covered my black painted walls and models of WWII aircraft hung from the ceiling in perpetual dogfight (The effect of both slightly tempered by the gum nut motif on my curtains). I Wondered if a girl would ever let me touch her. I don't know why I couldn't see the somewhat obvious correlation between my virginal state and 'courageous' lifestyle decisions.

Final radio thought: If you are going to ring Super Request there is a fair to middling chance Rosie will ask you what you've been up to. If spontaneous witty repartee is not your bag - prepare something for the ever lovin' lord's sake.

Rosie: So what have you been up to today Melissa?

Melissa: Umm, nothing really.

R: Just chilling?

M: Oh, yeh...I s'pose.

Audience: Aaargh! Stop sapping our will to live Melissa.

Second final comment; The Salmon Dance - Jive Bunny for the Naughties? I think so. I have lost all respect for the Chemical Brothers


At April 12, 2008 at 1:21 AM , Blogger franzy said...

I disagree.
I think it's Rosie's fault:

Rosie: Hi Stewie, how you going?

Stewie: Yeah good. Could I hear Jesus Christ Pose by The Stone Temple Pilots?

R: An oldie, eh?

S: Yep.

R: Do you wanna send a shout out to anyone?

S: Oh ... yeah ... okay ... this goes out to my mate Darren who's standing right here.

R: All right! Do you and Darren go to the same school?

S: Uh ... yep.

R: Did you guys get up to anything wicked in school today?

S: Could you just play the fucking song?

Teenagers don't wanna talk about how much maths sucked - they wanna hear their bloody request before tea.

At April 12, 2008 at 10:52 AM , Blogger myninjacockle said...

A compelling, and hilarious, argument.

At April 15, 2008 at 11:46 PM , Blogger Sam said...

Yeah, some Brothers Should really sort them out.

...or maybe all that drug abuse has finally taken its toll and they really did talk to the fish?


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