Saturday, May 10, 2008


We've got somewhat of a lawn again, it's a bit sparse post drought (though I might be a bit presumptuous there with the 'post') so I'm growing it long like a comb-over.
Whatever its condition I've really been enjoying playing with the Noodle on it around dusk, before he goes inside for his dinner, bath (in the laundry tub) and books. There's something exhilarating about running around on cool green grass in the lengthening shadows of the gloaming, I don't know if it just resonates from my own childhood or if everyone loves that thang.

Today we played soccer.Our games involve me kicking him the ball and him picking it up and running round shrieking with delight while I chase him. When I catch him I give him a whizzy then I get to laugh while he staggers around and falls over.

Then we wrestled for a while. Our routine is for the Noodle to push me over, jump on my neck and head butt me. Then I sweep him and squash him until he begs for mercy. I rule the under 2 division with fist of iron! Today the hounds were desperate for attention and also came and sat on me mid bout, pawing at my face in case I hadn't quite noticed their presence and also to let me know their bellies were in desperate need of scratching.

Finally we played hang-noodle, a complex game of strategy, the basic gist is I lift him up onto the rings of his swing set and he hangs there as long as he can before plummeting several inches to the ground, then he gets up and demands 'more hang.'

Knickers does not sure my hope that it'll stretch his arms to the proportions of an orangutan.

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